Amsterdam Observations

I took a trip to Amsterdam with a group from Hereford College of Art.  We stayed at the cheerfully basic Hans Brickner Hotel which makes a feature out of a flaw with it's advertising campaign "Now a door in every room" and such things.  We went to the Staedelijk gallery and feasted on loads of modernist art and saw some Mondrians in their natural environment.  We met the charismatic Orion Maxted, a performance artist who explained the use of systems in his process.  Also Berndnaut Smilde whose amazing indoor clouds and other photographic interventions inspired and intrigued.  Apart from the first day when it was raining quite a lot, I had my SLR with me to capture some of the architecture and happenstance situations as they appeared before us.  I enjoy travelling to European cities, I hope it's not going to become too much harder to do so.  It's reinvigorating to explore somewhere different from the everyday environment of home.