"How Can That Be It?" Joint Exhibition with Johnny Burrage: Private View Saturday 15th April

Since last year Johnny and I have been scheming a joint exhibition titled "How Can That Be It?" Involving objects too intervened with to be readymades, but utilising found elements too prominently to be conventionally classed as sculpture.  Surely a sculpture involves casting bronze, or hewing wood?  There should be some sculpting, yes?  Not necessarily.  By fusing disparate but relatable elements one can create new meanings.  I enjoyed hearing people's interpretations of what the sculptures might mean, and seeing people trying to decipher the automatic drawings.  It was fascinating to get different people's interpretations.  I felt grateful that the show was so well attended and that people seemed to genuinely enjoy looking around.  We wanted to keep a spirit of fun that is sometimes absent (and often quite understandably) from exhibitions.